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Roadmap FAQs


This roadmap outlines the features and improvements Crownpeak is exploring and developing for each of our products. It provides a sneak peek into what's on the horizon and allows us to gather valuable feedback from you about the features we're working on, as well as any new ideas you may have that could enhance the value of Crownpeak for you and your users. 

To suggest a feature or enhancement you'd like to see, simply click on the "+ Submit idea" button located at the top of the roadmap. Our product team will review your idea and categorize it alongside similar ideas to determine which features to prioritize. 

For more details on how our roadmap functions, please refer to our FAQ section below.


When will I see my idea on the roadmap? 

Our product team thoroughly reviews and evaluates all the ideas that are submitted. We take note of the commonalities shared among the ideas and group them together for better analysis, which helps us plan our feature updates to bring value to as many use cases as possible. 

However, some ideas may not align with our vision or may not be feasible, so they may not make it to our public roadmap. For those ideas that we deem worth exploring, we will include them in the "Under Consideration" section of our public roadmap to gather more feedback and insights from our users. 

How do you decide and prioritize what features to build? 

There are a number of things we consider when deciding to build and prioritize features. These include: 

  • The value of the feature to customers 
  • The number of use cases or how widely the feature applies to customers. 
  • How the feature will affect the performance and security of our products.
  • How the feature will affect how easy our products are to setup.
  • If the feature helps to make other features easier to implement or build in the future. 
  • If the feature fits in with our overall vision for the product.

What does Under Consideration mean? 

Once our product team has identified a feature or enhancement that we want to explore we will add that item to the "Under Consideration" tab while the product team investigates the work needed to achieve it. From this point you can add your insight by clicking a feature, indicating how important it is to you, and telling us why. A feature in "Under Consideration" means we probably think it’s a good idea but have no timeline for delivery yet or how long it might take to achieve. 

What does Planned mean? 

Once we have committed to building a feature, we move it to the "Planned" tab, and all the insight you have submitted is gathered by the product team and scoped into how we would build the feature. At this stage the feature still doesn’t have a timeline for delivery, but we are committing to building it at an appropriate time. 

What does Beta mean? 

We have built a feature and are gathering feedback. This can be either in a private beta with selected customers or in an open beta where every customer is welcome to try the new feature and to provide feedback. 

What does Launched mean? 

These features have been released and are available to customers. 

How long does it take for a feature to be released? 

All development work takes different levels of effort to deliver, and we discover more as we go so an item that is In Development may take weeks, months or even over a year to develop. On rare occasions an item might even be put on hold if we discover something during the process that forces us to change our priority or our plan. This roadmap should be viewed as a direction of travel, not a timeline for delivery of features. 

How do I submit an idea? 

Click the "+ Submit idea" button to submit a new idea. To submit feedback to a feature already on the roadmap, open the card and enter your feedback at the bottom.
Tip: On smaller screens, click the + button floating in the bottom left of the roadmap. 

Will I get a response to my idea or feedback? 

While we will review every idea and piece of feedback submitted to us, you will only receive a response from a member of the product team if we'd like to find out more about your idea. 

Can I submit product bugs and issues here? 

Bugs or issues submitted here don’t get reviewed by our support team and will not get a response from our product team, so instead they should be submitted through our Support Portal so our support team can help you resolve the issue or validate if a bug needs to be addressed internally.