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What are Checkpoints?

Every customer has access to the full DQM checkpoint library. Checkpoints are the issues DQM scans for and reports on. Customers can work with our Services team to add, remove, or customize checkpoints based on need.

The DQM Checkpoint Library

This list contains the latest copy of the DQM Checkpoint Library which include best practice checkpoints as well as additional checkpoints available through our library

Checkpoint Topics

Explaining SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a way of looking at improvements that can be done on a website so that it would rank better on a search engine.

Explaining Accessibility

Website Accessibility relates to actions that can be made to a website in order to improve the user experience of someone with a disability who is accessing your website

Restrict visibility of a checkpoint

Restricted Checkpoints are checkpoints that are only visible to administrators or users are given access to see restricted checkpoints. More details can be found in the article Understanding Restricted Checkpoints 

Request changes to a checkpoint

Administrators can request checkpoint changes, while standard users will need an administrator's approval.

To change the behavior, create a new support case and provide the details below:

  • Will the change be applied to a specific dashboard, set of dashboards, or the entire context
    • If applied to a specific dashboard(s), provide the dashboard names
  • The checkpoint(s) to be changed
    • Provide the checkpoint number and name
  • The changes that need to be made
    • Include the unique/specific code that needs to be considered
    • URLs that need to be checked
    • Any additional consideration or context
  • Examples of the pages or code to be flagged as an issue for testing and validation
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