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Managing Groups

Creating a new group

In order to manage access permissions for editing, publishing, and other content management tasks, administrators should create groups.
Here is a step by step guide in creating a new group.


  1. Go to Settings (gear icon, left-side nav), expand Users/Groups menu and click Groups.


  2. Click New Group.


  3. Enter the desired group name & description.


  4. Select users to be assigned to the group.


  5.  Expand each panel and tick each box to enable the permission to the group.
    1. Preferences controls how the user can modify their own experience.
    2. Classic Only controls the features that are only available in our original web interface.
    3. Content Admin and Sys Admin control what Administrators can modify.
    4. Publishing provides access to important publishing processes like workflow commands
    5. Editing is typically the most utilized category


  1. Click “Save” button at the top to create the new group.



Cloning a group

When you are not 100% sure which permissions to enable, clone an existing group, and update the permissions based on your group requirements.


  1. Go to Settings (gear icon, left-side nav), expand Users/Groups menu and click Groups.


  2. Select one of the pre-configured groups, right-click and click Clone Group. For example, if you choose a group name “Authors” and cloned, it will be created as “Clone of Authors”.


  3. Cloning migrates all the users from the original group over to the new group. So, if you don’t want the same users, you can either simply create a new group or update the users in the cloned group.
  4. Expand and tick the boxes to change the permissions.
  1. Click “Save” button at the top to apply the changes.
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