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Director of UX

Creating a custom Auto-Fix trigger

You can modify the Auto-Fix experience on your site by replacing the icon with any image or text you would like to trigger the accessibility modal.

Step 1: Hiding the default button

In the script, set 'hideMobile' and 'hideTrigger' to True. This will hide the default button.

var s = document.createElement('script'),
e = ! document.body ? document.querySelector('head') : document.body;
s.async = s.defer = true;
s.onload = function(){
statementLink : '',
feedbackLink : '',
footerHtml : 'Powered By Crownpeak',
hideMobile : true,
hideTrigger : true,
language : 'en',
position : 'left',
leadColor : '#ad03fc',
triggerColor : '#8901f9',
triggerRadius : '50%',
triggerPositionX : 'left',
triggerPositionY : 'bottom',
triggerIcon : 'help2',
triggerSize : 'medium',
triggerOffsetX : 20,
triggerOffsetY : 20,
mobile : {
triggerSize: 'small',
triggerPositionX : 'left',
triggerPositionY : 'center',
triggerOffsetX : 0,
triggerOffsetY : 0,
triggerRadius : '50%'

Step 2: Creating a custom button

Add the new element you would like to use as a trigger and include 'data-acsb-custom-trigger="true"' 

<span data-acsb-custom-trigger="true">Insert trigger image or text</span>
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