What’s New in Digital Governance?

We’ve heard your feedback, and have some exciting updates to our Digital Governance offerings that we’d like to share!

Adobe Launch Integration – UCP is now available as an Adobe Launch Extension!

Custom Categories – UCP now allows to set up custom categories, which allows for more control of your messaging in your site notes.

Check out our Working With Categories userguide for more information on setting up custom categories.

Opt-Out Tool- The toggles have returned! Users now have a clearer understanding of which vendors they are opting out from.

Check out Working With the Privacy Options Dialog guide for more information on setting up the opt out toggling tool on your site notices.

IAB Updates- New levels of purpose and individual vendor consent, along with a JSON file option that allows for further control of which vendors are allowed on your site.

Want to learn more about the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bereau), and how to implement IAB support with Evidon by Crownpeak? See our guide, Implementing IAB Support.

Consent Category/Vendor grouping - Further customization options, allowing for vendor and category level grouping.

Our guide, Creating and Managing Site Notices, gives a complete overview of configuring a site notice.

Consent Reporting- With our new consent reporting, customers have the ability to gauge opt in rates across all domains.

Consent Comparison- Side by side notice comparison is now available, allowing for looking at site notice performance based on date range and country.

Our guide, Understanding Dashboards and Reports gives a complete overview of the reporting abilities and consent comparison available on the Universal Consent Platform

Cookies Modal- New customization features for the browser setting message.

TagControl- Allows for users to block tags at all tag levels, essential for eliminating piggybacked tags without blocking approved root tags.

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