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Crownpeak CEO
Crownpeak CEO

Our Progress Addressing Customer Feedback in 2019


To our valued customers:

The second installment of our 2019 customer satisfaction survey kicks off in the coming weeks, so we’d like to update you on our progress in addressing feedback you provided in our April 2019 survey.

Your participation in our customer satisfaction surveys and willingness to share feedback is a critical component of how we strive to deliver an exceptional experience to you. We count on your continued feedback to help us improve our products and services. 

What’s New

Our DXM customers asked for more innovation, while sharing concerns around performance and usability. Here’s what we’re doing to address these concerns:

  1. Performance: We heard that publishing can be slow and assets can take longer than expected to load. In response, the DXM Engineering team has taken the following actions to improve the performance of our platform:
    • To ensure high performance against actual customer experiences, we are currently conducting an internal beta on a new version of our publishing engine, which we plan to open up externally. If you are interested in participating in the beta program, please consult your Customer Success Manager.  
    • To increase asset loading and preview speeds, we’re working on the rendering capabilities within DXM. This rollout will be delivered in several iterations with improvements expected as early as Q1 2020.
    • To increase performance, scalability, and resilience of the delivered digital experience, we are finalizing a new delivery option leveraging Serverless content deployments. Please consult with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about this offering and explore how you can take advantage of it.


  2. Usability: We heard your frustration with folder navigation, finding assets in DXM, removing pagination from the File View panel (the folder list), and requests for improved search and filter functionality. In response, we’ve taken the following actions:
    • The DXM Engineering team has removed pagination and introduced infinite scrolling to improve the experience of navigating the DXM file system. This new capability is currently in testing and will be made available in our upcoming December 11th release.
    • The Product and UX teams have begun discovery work on an improved Search and Filter experience within the platform. Mockups and prototypes will be available in Q4 for customer review and evaluation.
    • Plus, a continued focus on overall UI improvements to create a faster, snappier, and more intuitive user experience throughout the platform.


  3. Extensibility: Look for more innovation from Crownpeak specifically in the area of integrations. The DXM team in response has:
    • Introduced a number of new connectors and integrations including a Translation integration with Lingotek, a Digital Asset Management integration with Bynder, and a Customer Data Platform integration with Segment.
    • Added a number of content-centric capabilities leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via integrations with Amazon’s Rekognition Service for Image analysis to generate relevant meta data and tags, as well as Amazon’s Comprehend Service to analyze text-based content for Sentiment analysis and content augmentation.
    • Focused on extensibility by adding more integrations. Please inform your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in any of our new integrations, and what additional integrations you would like to see in Crownpeak DXM.


Our DQM customers shared concerns around scanning JavaScript sites, data inconsistencies in DQM reports, and ease of use. To address this feedback, we’ve been working on the following:

  1. JavaScript Scanning: We heard that you would like to have your JavaScript-based websites included in the quality analysis. Earlier this year we launched a beta program to test this functionality. The feedback helped us identify a number of issues that we are currently addressing to prepare the JavaScript Scanner for general availability.


  2. Data Inconsistencies: You told us about data not being consistent in the DQM platform. Consequently, we found that a timing difference in checkpoints reporting caused the confusion. Here are the DQM team’s plans to address the data inconsistencies:
    • The process to analyze quality issues within a page based on the captured version of the page from the latest scan has been updated.
    • The Last Scan Date has been added to the quality reports to provide clarity on the timing of analyzed issues and to increase the confidence of the reported information.


  3. Usability: On the topics of needing more how-to guidance on the use of the platform and improving access to fix and resolve errors, we plan to address usability:
    • By updating and refreshing the DQM user interface so that it is easier and more intuitive to understand, as well as make it accessible for more users
    • By expanding the checkpoint descriptions so they include more details on their requirements and the recommendations on how to resolve them.


Our DG customers raised concerns about scan reporting, performance and stability, and ease of use. In response, we took the following actions:

  1. Detailed Scan Results: We’ve added additional scanning details within our Trackermap view, allowing you to see what information was passed directly to the vendor through the URL. This way you can easily see what values the tags are passing.



  1. Performance and Stability: To improve the speed and reliability of reporting for Universal Consent Platform (UCP), we’ve added additional servers and refactored many of our reporting APIs to make them faster. We’re also researching ways to make our reporting data exportable so that you can choose to have the data available in your preferred reporting platform or business intelligence tools.


  2. Ease of Use: To meet your challenges of updating and managing hundreds of notices in an efficient way, we’ve created “notice templates” which is a simple way to manage consent rules and create templates based on CCPA, GDPR, and other similar laws.



And that’s what’s new. We continue to work every day for you and truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your digital experience ecosystem. Your feedback is critical and helps us deliver what you demand. 

Look for our next customer satisfaction survey in the coming weeks, and know we appreciate your continued participation in this critical program.

Happy Holidays!

Ravi Kumaraswami and the Crownpeak Team