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Crownpeak Support Portal User Guide

    To our valued partners, 

    If you need to contact Crownpeak Support, you can do so via email, or via our Support Portal.

    To access the Crownpeak Support portal, go to and log in. If you do
    not have an account, simply register a new account.

    In the Support portal you can:

    • Create new Support tickets
    • View and respond to open tickets
    • View closed tickets
    • Close tickets


    Create a new Support ticket

    Once you have registered for the support portal, to create a new ticket for our support team, click on “Submit a Request”:

    Submit a Request.png

    Simply fill in the form, selecting the appropriate Product Line and Product. Some fields are optional, but the more information you can provide, the easier and quicker it will be for us to assist. You can also add attachments to your request:

    Request Form.png

    Once you have completed the form, simply click “Submit”:

    Submit Request.png

    Now your ticket has been created, you can see all of the details of your ticket, including the current Status:

    Existing Ticket.png

    Any response from our team, or anyone else copied in, will show here. You can also add more of your own comments/responses by clicking on “Add to conversation”. You can copy in others into your response, as well as include attachments if necessary. Once you’re ready to send your response, click “Submit”:

    Ticket Details.png
    View tickets you have access to

    From, once logged in, click on “Support Portal”:

    View Tickets.png

    You will be taken to a page showing you all of the tickets created by you, including any open tickets. Simply click on a case to view the details and add further responses:

    List of Requests.png

    If you have the permissions to do so, you can also see all tickets created by other users within your organisation. Simply click on “Organization requests”:

    Org Requests.png

    If you have access to multiple organizations, you can use the “Organization” dropdown menu to switch between organizations:

    Org Requests2.png