Crownpeak (Retired)

Managing Users - Understanding User Permissions

Administrators have all the available permissions below available. As a standard user access to the areas below can be granted by an administrator by updating a users profile

Available permissions: This permission means the user can:
Access the Analytics Dashboard (including Leader boards)

Enabling this function will allow standard users to see all pages under the Group dropdown in the top navigation. The pages under the group section is designed to see a top level view of all dashboards/websites set up on DQM, how they perform, benchmarks and the issues across different websites.

While standard users will see all the dashboards they can still only view the details of dashboards they have access to 

Adding words to the dictionary Allows standard users to add words to the Crownpeak DQM dictionary for their Website Dashboard. Those words will no longer be reported as misspellings.
Managing Queries This allows standard users to approve or reject queries submitted in the DQM platform. If approved a page will no longer list as an issue in DQM
View Restricted Checkpoints Allows a standard user to view restricted checkpoints. These are checkpoints that are being monitored by Crownpeak DQM but are not displayed by default in DQM.


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