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FAQs - Sending Queries


How do I send a query, what are queries?


Editors will occasionally come across an error which they can't fix, or have a good reason for requesting an exception to be made.


There are cases when pages flagged as an issue in Crownpeak DQM needs to be exempted from a checkpoint. DQM has a feature that allows you to manage this easily.

For example, as a web editor, you have noticed the checkpoint "1.5 Paragraphs should be no longer than 100 words in length" has flagged several issues that affects readability, however the content cannot be changed as they are part of a press release that has a legal sign off. In this case, the "query" function could be used to flag this to the central web team / administrators. 



1. To access the query tool, open up the checkpoint you would like to check.
2. Click on the speech bubble next to the issue.
3. A comment window will pop up, from there insert your comment on why this issue should be exempted, then click send.
4. The query is sent to the administrator(s) of the account, and does not get sent to the DQM support team. 
5. The icon turns orange to show that it has been submitted.
6. The administrators will review the query and carry out 1 of the 2 actions : 

  • Approved  - resulting in the removal of the issue from the overall issue count.
  • Rejected - an explanation may be given and the speech bubble will turn dark grey.

Alternatively you could perform the same task by clicking the "Query under review" link in the page analyser view.







  • If a query is approved the page in question will no longer be listed as in issue for the said checkpoint.
  • Exemptions made from approved queries exempt the entire page URL and will no longer list the page as an issue moving forward
  • Request for a general exemption instead if only a unique line of code is to be removed and you would still like the checkpoint to be used on the page.
  • Queries that are submitted are sent to DQM Administrators for approval, the DQM support team does not manage the query management function
  • It is only the broken (internal/external) links or broken images checkpoint that does not have an option to query an issue.
  • Image based checkpoints can be queried if you switch to "view filenames"
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