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FAQs - Can I request an issue exemption for a checkpoint?

Yes, you can request our Support Team to make exemptions to issues that are reported for a checkpoint


Important items to know about General Exemptions:

  • A general exemption can be set up by the Support Team
  • A general exemption requires modifying how the checkpoint works and is used to remove sections of code that need to be applied across multiple pages.
  • A general exemption can be made if there is a unique code/template section that is repeated across pages
  • Approval from an administrator is needed if a request comes in from a standard user
  • Create a new support ticket providing the details listed below when requesting for a general exemption
Information needed when requesting a General Exemption
  • Inform the support team if the exemption is to be applied to a specific dashboard, set of dashboards or the entire context
    • If applied to a specific dashboard, provide the dashboard name
    • If applied to a set of dashboards, list down the dashboards where the exemption needs to be applied
  • The checkpoint or checkpoints where the exemption needs to be applied (checkpoint ID and name is required)
  • The details of the exemption that needs to be made:
    • The unique section to exempt
      • Providing details of the code will help the team identify if the exemption is possible. Example: do not check code enclosed in a div tag with the attribute class="comments"
      • If there is no way to identify a unique section a page exemption can be used instead
    • The page URL or page URL patterns that needs to be exempted
      • There are occasions when certain pages need to be exempted instead, if the exemption is to be applied on the page please provide the URL of the page to be exempted or use the query function instead
      • URL patterns can also be used if a batch of pages with a similar pattern is to be removed for a checkpoint. For example if the news section should not be scanned for a checkpoint and all news articles include the word /news/ in their URL. You can request to exclude all pages that have /news/ from being scanned for the checkpoint
  • Examples of the pages that need to be exempted
    • Provide an example dashboard, checkpoint name/ID and URL that needs to be removed as an issue
    • Provide the Analyzer link of the example that needs to be removed
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