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The Website Dashboard - Overview Page

The ‘Website Overview Dashboard’ summarises the data for each Website created within DQM and gives Editors a quick and easy way to track top-level progress, be alerted to priority issues, and drill down to review and fix errors on their sites. 

Website OverviewWebsite Overview

Issues & Pages Graph
Track progress towards your quality targets with the new ‘Issues & Pages’ graph. You can use the graph to review both recent and historical changes in performance and page count – just use the data range selector above the graph to set the time period to review.
The graph makes it easy to diagnose the cause of major changes in reported issues. For example, if your website had a rise in pages collected in the latest scan, it is expected to see an increase in the number of issues.

Change Over Last 30 Days
To complement the graph, ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows provide a quick indicator of the trend over the past 30 days. If the number of issues has risen, users will see a red ‘Up’ arrow, if the trend is showing a decrease of issues a green ‘Down’ arrow appears.

% of Priority Issues
The radial progress chart gives a quick insight into the percentage of the total issues for this website that are classified as ‘Priority’ issues. Remember that Managers can determine which checkpoints count as priority.

Leader Board Ranking Rosette
The ‘Website Leader Board’ enables Managers to compare the performance of all monitored websites based on the average number of issues per page on each site. The new ‘Leader Board Ranking’ rosette at the top of the dashboard provides Editors with a quick and easy way to track their success.

Issue Count Breakdown
Focusing on the total number of issues on a website can feel overwhelming. To make it easier for Editors to take the next step and better channel their resources, the ‘Website Overview Dashboard’ provides a breakdown by issue type. Users can easily click through to focus on issues of a certain type: SEO, Usability, Accessibility by WCAG level, as well as Misspellings.

Export Data
Within the Downloads area, you can now also export the ‘Website Overview Dashboard’ data itself, for a handy summary of current performance. The Export is produced in PDF format, ideal for sharing with internal or external audiences.

Website Overview ExportWebsite Overview ExportWebsite Overview Export ButtonWebsite Overview Export Button

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