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Crownpeak Employee

Spelling - Adding words to the dictionary

You can add words to a dashboard where the Spelling section is available. 

To add words to the dashboards dictionary, you need to be on the Spelling section of the dashboard.

Under Misspellings by word you will see a purple dictionary icon that can be used to add words to the dictionary.SPELLING_ADDING_WORDS_TO_DICTIONARY_1.jpg

Clicking on this icon will listing all the potential misspelled words, you can then tick which words need to be added to the dictionary.SPELLING_ADDING_WORDS_TO_DICTIONARY_2.jpg


Once you click Add, the list of words to be added displays. A drop-down option is also available to confirm if the words are to be added to the current dashboard or applied to all the dashboards.


Tip: If you do not see the dictionary icon, you don't have rights to add words to the dictionary.
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