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FAQs - Why are the figures in the Group Inventory Summary Export not matching the Website Insights Inventory data in DQM?


Why are the figures in the Group Inventory Summary Download not matching the dashboard data?


The Group Inventory Summary export is pre-generated on a weekly basis to improve performance.

Following the update from the DQM Release Notes - 4th October 2018, performance improvements have been made to the Group Inventory Summary downloads. The report now downloads immediately and users no longer need to wait while the report generates the data.

In order to achieve this performance improvement a service has been set up to pre-generate the report at the end of the working week (Friday-Saturday). Due to this, if a dashboard completes a scan during the week and has a significant change in Inventory pages, assets or checks/reports, the data may not match the Export until the service generates the new Group Inventory Summary report.

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