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Crownpeak Employee

The Website Dashboard - Inventory


Each time a dashboard scans it retrieves information from the website it is scanning from. The Website Dashboards Inventory shows what the platform has picked up following the scan.

Website InventoryWebsite Inventory


File Assets

File assets break down each asset type that was found during the scan Web Pages, Images, PDFs, etc.
One of the most useful sections under file assets would be Web Pages

Inventory DownloadInventory Download


An XLS download is available that lists down the URL of each page that is found and analysed for the dashboard.


  • After a new dashboard is set up it is advisable to review the pages detected through the excel download. Kindly create a New Support Case if there are pages that need to be removed or pages that need to be included. It is preferred to provide example cases so that the support team can modify the scan settings accordingly


Content Assets

All Emails used
Displays all emails that were detected from the scan. This section will show the pages where the email was used and is useful when email addresses need to be updated or removed

Title Tag frequency
Unique title tags will help with SEO, this section shows how many times a title tag was used and on which pages.

Meta Data
Shows Meta data information that is useful for SEO purposes

Shows cookie information that was detected during the scan. This is useful for referencing cookie related information


  • It is important to note that the Inventory section is used for reference purposes and is not counted as issues in relation to website scores
  • Custom Inventory Reports can also be set up by a New Support Case. It is useful if users would need to find specific pages but not consider this as an issue.
  • Note that the inventory reports are checked per dashboard, results are not compiled for all dashboards.
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