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DG Release (CNIL) - 9 March 2021

Updated CNIL Guidelines Support

The privacy and consent landscape continuously changes, but we are committed to helping you stay ahead and remain compliant. Today’s update addresses consent experience guidelines set by a recent CNIL (French Regulator) ruling. These guidelines mostly concern the Layer 1 experience, or the Banner/Barrier experience you see today and are summarized below:

  • All 1st level experiences must include a decline/reject button.
  • All 1st level experiences must include the categories of partners with links to the 2nd layer.
    • These values are automated via our translation files and work based off the vendors and categories in your current notice setup.
  • All 1st level experiences must include the number of partners that are being worked with.
    • These values are automated via our translation files and work based off the vendors and categories in your current notice setup.
  • All 1st level experiences must include how long consent is stored on the 1st level.
    • This value is automated via our translation files and works based off consent duration setting in the notice.
  • All 1st level experiences must include a link to a Cookie Policy or a Privacy Policy.





These new sets of features are enabled via the options privacy UI in notice template setup or via notice creation.  These settings can be enabled for all countries or specific countries.

enable the new CNIL settings, navigate to your Notice Template under “Templates & Assets” or to the specific notice under the manage link.  Once there, proceed to step 2 of the setup wizard.



Click the country or region you want to enable the settings for on the left side, and scroll to the bottom.



Enable the settings by clicking the checkbox and finish the steps in the wizard.  Once this is complete, the new experience is enabled for your notice. These new settings will also trigger the updated text as seen on the example banner above. These settings can be updated under “Translation” in the “Template & Access” section. When clicking into your translation groups, you will see new “CNIL” sections under the Banner and Barrier tabs.



If you are updating your translations with custom translations, you will want to use the new markers to bring in the data points onto layer 1.

  • {duration}  This is populated by the consent duration in step 2 of the notice.
  • {vendorcount}  This populates based off the count of vendors on your notices either from scans or from setup in step 4 of notice creation.
  • {categorycsv}  This  populates based off of the categories of vendors you are using in UCP.
  • {policybuttonmaker}  This links to a cookie policy or privacy policy. By default it uses a cookie policy first or privacy policy set up in step 3 of notice templates and notice creation.

Note: These settings are intended to work with your currently setup themes.


Updated Vendor Information

We’ve added more Vendor Information to the options dialog. When clicking through to a specific vendor you will now see more information about the vendors in the dialog without clicking to another page.



Within this dialog we’ve also added Data Storage to our vendor database. This field shows the location, if known, where a 3rd party vendor stores their data.


Additional Language Support

We have included support for three new languages in the tool:

  • Benghali
  • Hindi
  • Bosnian


Bug Fixes

We addressed a bug in the privacy UI where you were unable to delete first party cookies from a notice.



These suggestions are meant to reduce passive voice as much as possible. [JD1]


As an option, you can link to this article that I'll be publishing once we confirm the release has gone out: https://community.crownpeak.com/t5/Article-Sandbox/Updating-your-site-notices-to-comply-with-CNIL/ta...[JD2]


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