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Evidon Race condition with intialization


We are working to implement Evidon into our application, however we have been unable due to a race condition in Evidon.
We would like to know when Evidon variables are ready to be read by the client -- we are determining this and the consent required by checking window.evidon?.notice?.regulationConsentTypeId.

However, this value seems to return 0 as soon as Evidon loads, and then is later changed to 1. Is there something we can check that confirms that the values of Evidon are settled and ready to read by a client?
The callbacks provided, such as priorConsentCallback, are not sufficient as they do not fire when the banner appears to the user and Consent has NOT been provided yet. This is the state we are looking to capture and as noted above, there is a race condition with the content of Evidon.


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Hi James, 

We see you submitted a support ticket for this topic as well so will continue to respond via that. 


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