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Video Demo: Adding A Support Case

Adding A New Support Case

In this training

In this training, we will cover

  • Course objectives
  • Why the Case Portal?
  • Accessing the Community and Case Portal
  • Registration and Login
  • Cases
  • Understanding Resolved and Closed Cases
  • Support Plans and Entitlements
  • And at the end a short summary


Course Objectives

 By the end you will understand the purpose and role of the case portal and create cases – regular and urgent. You will also understand how to review status on submitted cases and get information on your current status of support plans and entitlements.


Why use the Case Portal?

In the Crownpeak Community, you will find answers to frequently asked questions, a knowledgebase for each of the Crownpeak product lines, and discussion boards where users can share their best practices and solutions to common roadblocks. Start by searching for a solution to your issue within the community.

For more specific issues, or if you cannot find a solution in the Community, we have an integrated case portal in the Community. The case portal is a user portal that makes creating and monitoring support cases easy and efficient.

Support for Digital Experience Management (DXM), Digital Quality Management (DQM) and Digital Governance are integrated and streamlined here.

 It provides access to open and resolved cases, submitted by you and your team.

The integration with Salesforce also provides Customer Success with a 360 view in order to serve you better, with access to all of our team’s activity as it happens.


Accessing Case Portal

The Support Case Portal is found in the Crownpeak Community, available at

You can also find a link to the Community at the top of

In order to submit support cases you must be authorized through your organization, and also be a registered Crownpeak Community member.

Registration and Login

To request access to submit support cases, visit: and fill out the form.

First, you'll receive welcome and password email messages. Use the links to complete configuration.

Once complete, you are able to submit support cases within the Crownpeak Community.

You can also access the case portal on the right side of the screen from the Support  link. (screen demo)


How to Create a Case

Create a case to:

  • Report a product issue
  • Request assistance with your configuration
  • Request template change
  • Make a product request

From the Case Portal, click on Create Support Case button.

Enter the value for all of the required fields:





Site URL,



Subject Provide a brief title for your support case

Body This is where you can describe the issue in detail

  • What is the issue
  • Provide any necessary steps to reproduce the issue
  • Where the issue occurs (certain browsers, computer or phone device model, anything relative to the issue, etc.)
  • For DQM, provide context or account name, dashboard name, checkpoint numbers, etc.
  • For DG (Evidon), the account, the site notice URL, notice id, etc.
  • For DXM, be as detailed as possible to help troubleshoot the issues.


Is set to medium by default and can be left as is.

Use high for Major function or features not working correctly, impairing Crownpeak’s ability to author, create template and push content for publication to endusers or website content is incorrect or rendering incorrectly

Use medium for Minor issues affecting usability of the product, but a workaround is provided with no impact to major feature/functionality or website changes or issues not deemed urgent or high

Use low for How-to questions and/or product enhancement requests

Please note, the response times differ based on your support plan

Urgent is reserved for cases when the platform is down, DXM live sites are down, DXM clients are unable to publish or access the platform, site notice is breaking the live site and users cannot access it.

Depending on your support plan, you should expect different response times.







Production environment down, public website down or a critical feature/function unavailable

4  Hours

2 Hours

1 Hours

Additional details are available in the Support Plan datasheet.


This field helps facilitate routing of the case (for example,] Hosting, CMS, Search, WCO, DQM).

  • If the case being created is related to a predefined DXM Hosting request please select this type from the available options
  • For DQM, Evidon and other DXM request types please choose DQM, Consent, CMS, or other applicable type.  ie. Monitoring - issues with scanning


Site URL (optional)

Listing the specific affected URL can help our support team pinpoint an issue.

Client (optional)

The Client field is for reference purposes.  Put any additional or relative info here.


If you have any supplementing files that would be helpful in your support case, you can attach them here, before submitting your support case.

Click on Save to submit the case.

Once the Case has been submitted, the person submitting the case will receive a confirmation email of the case creation.

The person submitting the case will also receive an email notification once a product support team member starts working on the case.

Understanding Resolved and Closed Cases

Resolved Cases

Once a Support team member finishes working on a case they would normally send a comment out to the case contact and change the status of the case to Resolved. Once a case is set to Resolved, the case contact will receive an email with the details and actions taken made on the case.

  • If additional actions need to be completed that are not included in the initial case but is related to it, please open a new case and reference the old case number
  • If there is further questions related to the current case, or if the case is not complete please add a comment on the case feed. This will reopen the case.

Closed Cases

  • If the support team receives an acknowledgement from the user after the case has been resolved the support team member will close the case
  • For cases awaiting client feedback, the support team member assigned will attempt to contact the case owner. If no feedback is received, the case will be closed by the support team member after 7 days
  • Cases that are resolved will automatically close after 7 days if no feedback from case comments are received
  • The case contact will receive an email notification once a case is closed


Support Plans and Entitlements

The Platform, Premier and Elite support plans entitle you to a certain number of support cases each month.

You can also purchase an Annual Absolute Services retainer for projects to support on-going maintenance and growth.

To track your entitlements and support hours, please contact  your customer success manager to request an entitlement report.


In this video, we have seen…

Logging in to the Crownpeak Community

Registering as a user to create support cases

How to create support cases with the necessary information

The different case priority Levels,

Understanding Resolved and Closed Cases.

And Support Plans and Entitlements.

You should now have a better understanding of working with support cases. For further information, please visit the Crownpeak Community for other posts on creating support cases, or contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

Thanks for watching!

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