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Community Manager

New Case Portal

    To our valued partners,

    New Case Portal URL: 

    With the merger of e-Spirit and Crownpeak, changes have been made to help streamline our global support processes. These changes allow us to combine the support teams into a single unit while also maintaining the rules currently in place for our client countries.

    What does this mean for you as a Crownpeak client if you need support?

    • Do you currently use the case portal? If so, starting June 17, 2022, you will access the case portal via (versus the current
    • On your first login to, you will need to re-register your login.
    • Once logged in, you will be able to see your individual historical case and ticket information from the last year, including any open cases/tickets regardless of date. This will all be available in the new support portal.
    • For your current cases and tickets, you will see a new Case/Ticket ID for any older item. However, your Crownpeak support team will still have access to any older historical cases/tickets based on your current ID, if needed, for reference.
    • The new portal gives members of your organization greater transparency in the ability to see all tickets created on the organization’s behalf, not just the tickets any individual has created.
    • If you do not currently use the case portal to create cases/tickets, and instead email support, your process will remain the same.

    We are excited in moving to a new support platform next Friday, June 17. We think it’s easier to use on the client side, and easier for us to reference and provide richer solutions as you need. Please reach out to us if you have questions or need further help during this platform update.

    What does this mean for you as an e-Spirit/FirstSpirit user?

    • Our current support ticket portal is still accessible via the As of June 27, the new portal will be active and can be accessed via As of this date, will no longer be accessible.

    • If you are using email to contact our Support Team, and you are not utilizing the portal ( create cases/tickets, your process will remain the same.

    • When we launch our new global support portal, you will need to re-register.

    • In the new portal you will be able to see all the cases/tickets that have been closed as well as cases/tickets that remain open. Our Support Team will still have access to the historical cases/tickets in the event anything is missing or more information is needed.

    • For any case/ticket moved to the new portal, a new Case/Ticket ID will be provided. Also, the Support Team will continue to have the ability to look up cases/tickets based on your current ID.

    • The new portal will allow your team to view all tickets created by your organization in addition to the tickets created by an individual. This allows for greater transparency into your issue.

    • Our Support Team is still in place, and they will provide you with the same level of assistance you have come to rely on. This includes the ability to help you in either German or in English language.