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Managing Users - Managing User Profiles

There may be cases where an existing user needs:

  • Access to a dashboard they currently do not have access to or remove access they should not have access to
  • Update a users access rights
  • Get/remove weekly status emails for a dashboard

This guide shows DQM users with administrator access the steps to update a users rights based on the items above.

Getting to the Users Profile

  1. Once logged in to DQM, hover over Admin -> Usersnav.PNG
  2. Once the page opens choose the user whos rights you would like to update or use the Find User search bar to search for the user

  3. click on the users name

User Permissions

Once on the user profile page you are then able to update the user permissions:

  1. See the Analytics dashboard - Allows a standard user access to the pages under the Groups navigation
  2. Manage queries - Allows standard users to approve or reject a query removing an issue flagged by DQM
  3. View restricted checkpoints - Allows a standard user to use the radio button at the footer to toggle between seeing restricted and public checkpoints
  4. Add words to dictionary - Allows a standard user to add words to the dictionarydqm-standard-user-permissions.JPG


Update Dashboard Access

In this section you can specify which dashboard a user has access to. If you have specified website groups you an filter by group from the dropdown menu available. The standard user can only access the pages under Website of  the dashboards they have access to.dqm-dashboard-access.JPG

Update Weekly Status Emails

Weekly Status updates is available for dashboards a standard user has access to. If this setting is updated the stanard user will receive one weekly update email  every Monday for every dashboard this feature is enableddqm-manage-weekly-email.JPG


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