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Administrator Controls - Working with Groups

Once you have created a Group you can report on data for that Group only throughout the Analytics Dashboard. Simply choose your Group from the Group selector widget at the top of each page.

Groups DropdownGroups Dropdown

Groups are entirely flexible. You can create (or delete) Groups without impacting the underlying data.

  • Websites can be added to more than one Group
  • You can add as many websites to a Group as you like
  • You can create as many Groups as you like

To create a new Group, use the button on the Groups Leader Board page or select the Groups option from the cog setting icon next to your name in the top navigation.

  • Click the Add a new Group link
  • To populate your Group, use the Add and Remove buttons to select websites from the list of available sites
  • Click Save websites
  • Select the users you’d like to “subscribe” to this Group. They will be able to view all reporting for this Group.
  • Complete the process by giving the Group a name.

You can edit a Group at any time, by selecting it from the Group Management page and updating its properties.

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