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About Crownpeak Community Badges!

You may have noticed in your profile section, certain badges next to your username. We use badges in the Crownpeak Community to recognize different accomplishments and activities within the community.

Those badge icons next to your username signal to others that you are an active member that’s helping to grow our community. How are badges earned? Our badging system rewards users who frequently visit, contribute new content, create accepted solutions, reply to questions, and receive kudos.

By finding ways to contribute to the community; helping with questions, sharing your experiences, and engaging with others. You will become a well-regarded, badge-holding, community member in no time!

Here’s a rundown of the current badges:
























As we continue to build out the community, we may find other ways that seem badge-worthy, so keep doing great things, and we’ll keep up with making sure your efforts are recognized!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: About Crownpeak Community Badges!

Just a quick update -

You may have noticed, we've added new badges for contributors to the Ideas exchange.

We've just launched one for DXM and we want to see your valuable additions.

These badges are one way to show you are active and adding valuable ideas and comments to the community.


Here are the 4 newest badges that you can earn





First Idea

You have shared your first idea with the community.





Idea Machine

10 ideas submitted. Go, go, go!





Popular Idea

10 Kudos for idea. You've struck a chord!





Accepted Idea

On the way to the roadmap...


Any questions? Please let me know by posting your comment here.

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