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Vendors are technology providers that use web tags and cookies to provide their service. 


How do we add the vendor in our database?

Sometimes you might not find the existing tag vendor in UCP or TA. The reason can be because it's not available in our database. Then you need to submit a request to add vendor in our Evidon Database.

Tracker information2.JPG

The new Vendor request should be submitted through https://www.evidon.com/contact-us/submit-a-tracker/.
It will create the request for our database team to add the vendor.

All they need is

1> Tracker Name
2> Company website link
3> Tracker Pattern
4> Optout information -'Global opt-out list ' or "indirect opt-out".

Note:- So to add "indirect opt-out" we need the URL which needs to be clicked and Optout cookie info which is going to be dropped.

Tracker information.JPG

The Evidon vendor database has multiple vendor records with the required information.

Most of the vendors are already updated with 'Global opt-out list' or "indirect opt-out" information. Our database team regularly performs the audit and update the required opt-out and missing information of the vendor in our database.



Note: You can also generate the request to update the vendor's information for existing vendors.

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