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UCP: How to Update the Privacy Policy Link


In the Universal Consent platform, the privacy policy link can be managed in the setup wizard. If you this needs to be included with different text for different languages, you will also need to update this in the Translation section for each one.

This article will outline the steps for both, including tips for styling the link.

In the Setup Wizard
  1. Under Settings, you'll find an option to include your company's privacy policy link.privacypolicylink1.PNG



  2. Select the checkbox and include the link to your privacy policy. You can enter the URL with the protocol (http: or https: ) or you can leave it off, and the system will resolve to either http or https, matching where the policy page lives.  For example, here's the link to Crownpeak's privacy page - https://www.crownpeak.com/privacy.aspxprivacypolicylink2.PNG


  3.  You can do this for all countries, or specify for region or country.
  4. If you would like to replace the banner text, you will need to update the text for each country - these steps are outlined in the section below.


In the Translation section

In the translated text, the privacy link is inserted wherever you see the  {privacyPolicy} placeholder.



If you modify the Consent banner text, you’ll also need to include the {privacyPolicy} placeholder link in the different languages you support.

Here's an example of how to include the link. Please note it is in an HREF tag -

<a href="{privacyPolicy}" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>

Styling your link

If the look and feel of the link does not match your requirements, there are a couple of recommendations for styling.

  1. Update your stylesheet
    In your stylesheet, add a style for a href in the .evidon-banner class. Here is an example:
    <style>.evidon-banner a { color:#0097e0; text-decoration: underline; font-weight:600;}</style>
  2. If that's not possible,  add inline styles to your link
    <a href="{privacyPolicy}" target="_blank" style="color: pink;" style="text-decoration:underline";>Privacy Policy</a>
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