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Privacy - New Country Selector for the UCP

New Country Selector for the UCP

We received your feedback about removing the "All Countries" option in the UCP notice setup wizard and we have made some adjustments.
We have added a new way to select countries that should address the issues. Please note, we probably will not bring back the "All Countries" option. Hopefully, the new selector will fill the need.
Consent Reporting
We have made another step towards enabling our customers to meet all their GDPR needs. With this release, we have added in the Consent Reporting. Consent reporting allows our customers to pull a list of consent actions and download it as a CSV file which can be opened in excel.
As we wrote this we realized these reports can get big so we had to put some limitations on the size of the reports. Currently, all the parameters need to be selected (date range, country, domain). In addition, you can't run the report for more than 7 days worth of data. We tested this using the Ticket Master data and if we ran the report for a month over all countries and domains it generated some ridiculous size file (like 400 MG or something like that). Basically unworkable. If a customer needs a report for more than a week we will probably need to have them submit a request and we'll do it for them manually.

New VAST 3/4 Tag for Ad Notice
After an excessively long time, we finally have the latest rev of the VAST tag available in the Ad Notice interface. So now customers can generate this themselves without needing to request one from us.
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