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Consent Required Checkbox in UCP

The Consent Required checkbox is located on Step 3. Settings when creating a notice in UCP/SN 3.0.  It is an option under Banner or Barrier Notification in Notice Type.
When it is unchecked, the Consent Duration automatically greys out, signifying a Consent Duration of 0.  When it is checked, the Consent Duration field is activated at a default of 13 months.  This number can be edited by the customer according to their needs for the notice they are creating.

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The Consent Required box was implemented to definitively show a customer where they can either require consent - box checked,
or not require consent - box unchecked, for a domain in a specific country.  Previously customers had to set Consent Duration to a time of 0 to NOT require consent, and customers did not always know to do that, so this was the solution.

  • When the Consent Required box is unchecked, users should not have to give prior consent in that country.
  • When the Consent Required box is checked, this ensures that the user has to give prior consent before certain tags fire.  
  • If a company has implemented prior consent triggers using Google Tag Manager, they should have the Consent Required checkbox checked. 
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