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Inline and Form Editing Mode - Editing Content in V3

Test your knowledge



When you double click to open a page it will open up in the Preview mode.


In the new user interface, you have three editing options when you are ready to add and edit page content. For the existing pages, you will use the Inline or Form editing modes. For the newer component-based pages, you’ll have the option to use Drag and Drop content mode once we complete those requirements.


In this video, we’ll focus in on the Inline and Form modes.

From this view, we’ll select either Inline or Form from the action bar to get started.

We will start with the Inline mode. 

This allows users to click on and edit the content within Text Box, Wysiwyg, and Image controls. 
Rolling over these fields exposes that they are editable 
And, when you roll over an editable field you’ll see a cog in the left corner to indicate that the content can be changed. 


So, for a text field like this one, I can just place my cursor and start typing.

You'll do the same thing in WYSIWYG fields, but when you click your cursor in you will also see the TinyMCE formatting options above the field. 
This option will let you to do things like

  • Bold, Italicize, Underline
  • Create lists
  • Insert links, insert images

The version of the WYSIWYG that appears in the Inline mode is a static version. In other words, unlike the version of the WYSIWYG available in the Form mode, this one isn’t configured by the template developer. The options that appear above the inline WYSIWYG field are always the same.

We've chosen this approach because we think it will deliver the best possible experience in inline mode, but we are absolutely ready to hear any feedback and requests for changes and improvements. 


When we are ready we can jump into Form mode, and we can do that by clicking on the cog.
Now that we're in form mode you can see you have access to all of the fields.

These are all the fields you are familiar with from Volte including the text box, WYSIWYG and image fields as well as panels, and tabs and so on. 
This view can be easily expanded or collapsed with the option in the action bar. 


One other thing we can do from this Form mode is access WCO snippets and targeting groups. 

To do that I am going to switch into my Marketing workspace and from this workspace, I will review this page and use my WCO targeting panel to change my variants

I have this WCO Control, WCO field and use this panel to change the variants and see the different content options
Of course, you can edit all the available fields from this mode. 
And, In both modes, once you are satisfied with your changes, I’ll go ahead and save to confirm.
You will know there is an edit to save because of the star next to the file name in the tab. 
Once saved, I can switch back into my preview mode and see my changes.


This concludes our overview of the Form and Inline editing modes.


Thanks and enjoy the next video.

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