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Training for DXM Editors and Admins

DXM Feature: Digital Quality Management in DXM


I've completed modifying a press release.

Jonathan from the compliance team has asked me to make sure there are no SEO, accessibility, branding, usability, or regulatory compliance errors with DXM.

This is easily done by selecting the quality workspace and switching to inline mode.

Digital Quality Management (DQM) automatically runs a scan of the page using checkpoints that test for SEO, accessibility, branding, usability, and regulatory compliance best practices as well as the standard checkpoints that DQM includes.

Jonathan and Mark have added custom checkpoints to make sure that our corporate standards are also hit.

There are a couple of items highlighted that need attention.

Let's look at the pie chart that is shown along with the errors with red bullet points.

I can quickly map the highlighted items to the failed checkpoints.

The first item highlighted is an issue with a "learn more" link.

I'm not sure why it's an error so I'll click more so I can learn about the reason for the issue.

The second item highlighted is missing alternate text on an image.

I can quickly fix this by selecting the inline wheel.

Now the form view automatically brings me to the image and as I can see the alt text is empty.

I'll quickly enter in a descriptive phrase for the image.

Now save.