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DXM Feature: Digital Asset Management

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I’m responsible for curating product pages. I use both localized and corporate imagery. I can create a collection or virtual folder containing all of my most commonly used images. I might have one to contain marketing approved images, or specific images to a particular market.  

Maybe even ones that marketing approved for a specific campaign.


I select the appropriate images and add them to a new collection.


I can now easily update a page with an image from the DAM by dragging the image onto the page. 


The DAM preview can be made to update to any file location displaying only relevant assets. I can use the DAM to manage, preview, and find all of my images, videos, or other assets in a single dockable panel. I can utilize the search feature to further refine the results down to an exact image, or just a few. I can edit metadata fields with search terms

-and save them. 

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