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Creating New Content - Editing Content in V3

Test your knowledge


Now, when you need to create new content rather than edit existing pages or images, you will use Models. This is the same as Classic and Volte user interfaces today. 

However, the options to create new content now appear in the File menu. 

In the File View panel, you'll select and double-click the folder where you want to create your new content. In other words, you'll select to change the content in the information panel. 

And, you'll double-click to change the context of the Top menu and your options for content creation. 

Now, let's take a closer look at the File View panel.

In the File View panel, you'll use the left arrows to expand the tree view and see what files and folders are available. 

Double-click on the file or folder icon or the name in order to change the context. And, therefore the context is visible next to the globe in the File View panel. 

If you ever need additional information on the content that appears in the File View panel, you'll use the arrow in the top right corner in order to expand. 

Once you have this context selected and visible next to the globe you'll go to the File View panel and choose the new option to create content in this folder.


Models are configured by your template developer so you can create pages, sections and even sites using the templates, access properties and workflows configured for you. 

In this example I'm going to choose this Sandbox option under New > Model. This is an example of how a new section would be created. 

Next, I'll navigate into this folder and from there I'll see several page options for different templates that will allow me to create different types of pages.

So, I'll click in. See my context change there.

Now in my New menu, I have a few different types of pages and I'm going to choose my Standard-Contact page.

Now that I have the Standard-Contact page created I can use my Preview, Inline, and Form options in the action bar to view the page and edit.

I'll be able to add content and see my changes using these features.

And, there is more information on the editing experience in the Branching to Edit video.

I can also use my DAM panel to select images.

Once I am happy with all my changes I'll use my Save option in the action bar to confirm.

So now, that we have a new section and a page we'll take a closer look at publishing in the next video.

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