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Training for DQM Editors

What is Digital Quality Management?


Jane: We’re a big company. Lots of people manage our web content from around the world. So, we use Crownpeak Digital Quality Management. 


Eric: It’s an automated solution that we use to scan all of our websites to check for any errors. It can spellcheck in multiple languages, and it highlights things like WCAG compliance violations, opportunities for improving our SEO- 


Jane: It even helps ensure that we’re using the right logo, color palette, and that all our brand assets are up-to-date. 


Eric: My whole team has access to it. They can run scans across thousands of pages that cover more than 50 standard and unique checkpoints. 


Jane: It’s pretty great. 


Voice Over: Crown Peak Digital Quality Management for delivering optimized, error-free digital experiences every time. 

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