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The Website Dashboard - Issues

There are two views available when assessing a dashboard for issues:

Showing Issues by Checkpoint

Hovering over Issues and selecting by Checkpoint displays the available list of checkpoints on the left. All checkpoints are shown by default on the left hand side when entering the page for the first time.



Checkpoint Filters

A checkpoint filter is available in order to display checkpoints for a specific topic as well as priority checkpoints.

Checkpoint FiltersCheckpoint Filters

Selecting a Topic

Selecting a Topic from the Checkpoint Filters allow users to view checkpoints related to specific topics. This is useful when users have an initiative to fix issues based on a specific topic. Additionally fixing issues for a particular topic will help improve Bench Marking Scores for the related topic.

Checkpoint TopicCheckpoint Topic

A combination of filters can also be selected, for example selecting Accessibility and SEO will display all checkpoints that are related to Accessibility as well as all checkpoints related to SEO.  

Selecting Priority

Selecting Priority Only from the Checkpoint Filters will only display checkpoints that are considered as a priority checkpoint. Priority checkpoints are displayed with an orange flag beside them. This view allows users to quickly see issues that need to be addressed first.

Checkpoint PriorityCheckpoint Priority
This filter option can be combined with the topics filter, for example selecting Accessibility, Usability and Priority will display all priority checkpoints that are Accessibility as well as all priority checkpoints that are Usability.

Things to remember about Checkpoint filters

  • When a filter is selected a clear filter option becomes available to clear selections made and display all available checkpoints for the dashboard
  • If the combination of selected filters does not have a corresponding set of checkpoints a message will appear to indicate that the selected filters do not correspond to any checkpoints

Selecting a Checkpoint

Selecting a specific checkpoint will display all pages flagged for the checkpoint on the right hand side. A download of the pages is available and it is also possible to sort the pages and view the actual issue by clicking on the page listed.

Issues ListIssues List


By Page

The by Page view reverses the page layout, displaying the pages on the left (arranged by page with the highest number of issues first) and the checkpoints on the right. This page would be useful for website developers who would like to tackle pages with the most issues first.

Issues by PageIssues by Page

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