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The Groups Analytics Dashboard - Benchmarking Report


Crownpeak DQM's Benchmark scores page shows how your sites are performing against industry standards for the key compliance areas of On-page SEO, Accessibility and Usability.

​You can view this information for All websites or under particular groups. Just select from the pull-down menu at the top of the page.

Benchmarking ScoresBenchmarking Scores  

 To view the Benchmark scores page, select it from GROUPS - LEADER BOARDS - Benchmarking Scores menu in the top navigation. 

The league table shows how each site is performing in the following key compliance areas:

  • Accessibility
    How well you are meeting a range of accessibility criteria, based on WCAG WAI. The score does not indicate compliance with a specific level.
  • On-page SEO
    How effectively key aspects of your web content are structured for findability and keyword promotion within search engines.
  • Usability
    How easy your content is to read and use, and also what proportion of your links are broken.


  • Benchmarking scores are calculated based on checkpoints related to the specific topic. Each benchmarking checkpoint is assessed based on the number of issues of the checkpoint divided by the number of pages of the dashboard. All the checkpoints for the topic is them combined and converted to a 10 digit scale (with 10 being the highest)
  • Benchmarking scores consider both Public and Restricted checkpoints
  • To improve benchmarking scores go to The Website Dashboard - Issues, choose the topic you would like to improve and look at ways to fix issues seen for the specific topic.



The combined total statistics for all your sites are displayed above the league table. Shown in red, beneath your score, is the Community average in each area. This is the average score of all the companies that are Crownpeak DQM clients.

As a web manager it can be difficult to know how to calibrate your performance targets. Use the Crownpeak DQM Community average to gauge whether your sites are meeting or exceeding those of your peers.

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