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CaaS: Getting data from PageStore

Is it possible to read content of a page from PageStore without the page being referenced in SiteStore?

I tried to use the CaaS REST API:

Using this endpoint:


https://<TENANT>-caas-api.e-spirit.cloud/<PROJECT>-prod/<PROJECT-GID>.preview.content?filter={_id : "<GID>.en_DE"}


I can read a SiteStore reference and get the associated page.

For a GID from the PageStore I'll get no response.

Thanks for your help.

Many greetings


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Crownpeak employee

There are no separate documents for PageStore elements in CaaS. If there are multiplie PageRef nodes for a page the content is replicated for each. If there is no PageRef node for a Page node then the content is not in CaaS at all.

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