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WCO Targeting Groups

Targeting Groups are used to help website visitors focus on items of interest, for example displaying an East Coast conference to a website visitor from Vermont. The WCO Targeting Groups has been redesigned within the CMS authoring experience. This updated feature enables editors to easily create targeting groups using drag and drop technology. The ability to use drag and drop has made using this feature more intuitive and allows much quicker building of Targeting Groups.


Targeting Groups describe which visitors can see your content, based on a set of Targeting Rules or conditions that you specify and whether or not they match these conditions.  

For example, you can deliver optimized and personalized content to visitors who

  • Visit your site on a specific date or at a specific time of day
  • Visit your site on certain devices or browsers
  • Visit your site from certain sources (search engine, social media sites) or geolocations (regions, states, countries and zipcodes)
  • Have viewed or interacted with certain parts of your site
  • Have filled out a form and entered or selected certain field values
  • Have a profile in your backend systems or any third party CRM or Marketing automation platform

CrownPeak’s WCO Targeting platform offers the best experience to manage, optimize and personalize your visitors’ web experience, directly in the CMS since it:

  • Is fully and directly integrated in the CMS authoring experience
  • Leverages a simple drag and drop user interface to ensure ease of use
  • Requires NO reading, editing, or copying of code
  • Is designed to integrate with third party systems such as CRM’s and Marketing Automation Systems
  • Contains a number of the most popular Targeting Group examples to get you started
  • Offers a large number of Targeting Rules to choose from including time, date, geolocation, browser, device, form fields, querystring parameters, page views and conversions, backoffice and 3rd party attributes, and more
  • Can store hundreds of custom Targeting Groups and Targeting Rules combinations
  • Measures your marketing campaign success via the Analytics and Optimization Dashboards

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