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WCO Cookie Information

The following contains a listing and general information about cookies stored by WCO

Cookie Name: a
Cookie Domain: snippet.omm.crownpeak.com
The "a" cookie keeps track of IP address recorded for this client's OmmAnonId.

Cookie Name: OmmAnonId
Cookie Domain: .omm.crownpeak.com
The "OmmAnonId`" is a GUID used as the key to the users identity

Cookie Name: ASP.NET_SessionId
Cookie Domain: snippet.omm.crownpeak.com
The "ASP.NET_SessionId" is the session cookie used by WCO

Cookie Name: OmmValues80112474-504a-4bcb-9f86-e212c0b0039a
Cookie Domain: .omm.crownpeak.com
The "OmmValues(key)" is a unique identifier to the specific snippet the cookie is related to

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