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FAQs - How does Page Checker check for broken links?



How does Page Checker check for broken links?



When you click on the BROKEN LINKS tab, Page Checker will find all the links on your page and follow them. How long this process takes depends on:

  • The number of links to be checked
  • The number of redirects arising from those links
  • The response times of the servers being contacted

When the link checking is complete, Page checker will show you any broken links by highlighting them in your page. These links will also be listed on the left.

Occasionally, Page Checker may be unable to check all of the links found. Typically this is because:

  • The link is a redirect loop that never reaches and end page
  • The server for the link being checked takes too long to respond

If this happens Page Checker will notify you and tell you which links were not checked. The results for the links that were successfully checked are displayed as normal.

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