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Crownpeak Employee

DQM Onboarding Overview

In order to get up and running with DQM, you will be introduced to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will guide you through the onboarding process, and remain your main point of contact at Crownpeak going forward.

Implementing DQM will not require a huge amount of resource from you, and in most cases we are able to complete the onboarding in three steps:
1. Kick Off Call (Client + Crownpeak CSM)
2. Setup (Crownpeak Support)
3. Handover (Client + Crownpeak CSM).

During the kick-off call, you will be guided through the two key bits of information:

1. Dashboards
These are the websites, or grouped web pages, that you will report in each dashboard in DQM. Check out this page for more information on Dashboards.

2. Checkpoints
These are the specific checks which are running on the websites in order to provide the compliance report. There is a best practice library of more than 70 checkpoints – you will be able to pick and choose from these, as well as provide any custom checkpoints you require. Your CSM will guide you through these options and best practice recommendations. Check out this page for more information on Checkpoints. 

Once you provide this information, the DQM Support team will setup the context, dashboards and checkpoints for you. Once the request is submitted to Support, your CSM will communicate the timeframe required for setup, so that the handover call can be scheduled.

The final phase is the handover call. During this call, your CSM will run through the dashboard and checkpoint configuration with you, guide you through the platform and reports, and confirm your next steps in regards to any further training and support.

The project will be guided by your Customer Success Manager, but if at any point in the process a more technical discussion or Q&A is required, one of the Crownpeak Support members will be happy to assist.

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