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Accessibility in DQM

Summary This is an introduction to the accessibility feature of DQM. Accessibility will help to improve the usability of your website for users with limited abilities.
Body  Providing a good user experience is crucial for the success of all websites. For users with limited abilities browsing a website can be difficult. Improving your website to be easy to navigate for all users does increase your range of potential customers and will improve your SEO.

What is WCAG?
The word Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to help businesses on their journey to make their websites accessible for users with disabilities or users with limited devices (such as mobile phone and tablets). The latest guidelines released are the WCAG 2.0 on which Crownpeak DQM bases their checkpoints on.

Improve your Accessibility using DQM
For a quick introduction to our Accessibility feature, view the video below:

User-added image

1. What are the accessibility levels A, AA and AAA?
The levels indicate the degree of compliance. While level A covers the basic needs of a website to be easily accessible, level AA and AAA are based on higher standards. Most businesses aim to achieve a level of at least AA.
2. What is a Benchmarking Score?
The Benchmarking Score will give you an indication of how compliant your website is in regards of the WCAG standards. The score ranks form 1 (low) to 10 (high). However, please note that the level AA and AAA contain checkpoints that cannot be tested by scanning your website. For those, you will need to check your pages manually. An example for a manual checkpoint would be, whether your website has supporting audio or whether the colors used in the design are easy to see for a person with impaired vision.
3. Why is one of the checkpoints flagged for a lot of my pages?
There are a number of reasons why a checkpoint exists on every page. The first reason could be that the item pointed out is a part of your websites template and is shown wrong on every page. Fixing the issue in one place may resolve a lot of your checkpoints in one go. The second possible reason could be not having considered something when setting up the website. A good example would be images being inserted without an alt-tag. Crownpeak would therefor highlight all of these images as checkpoints. We recommend considering these checkpoints as a guideline for setting up new content in the future.
4. I have problems understanding a checkpoint. How can I learn how to improve it?
At the end of each checkpoint, you will find a link. This will forward you to a detailed description of each checkpoint and how to improve the quality of accessibility. Additionally, our team at Crownpeak is always happy to answer your questions.

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