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Five Main Use Cases of CMS


Here you will learn how to compare your business problems directly against other customer examples and quick-start your design choices, build and publish web experiences rapidly across different websites, channels, and devices, enable non-technical users to intuitively create and manage enterprise websites, control publishing and access configurations for any team or scenario.

Training Articles and Videos

  • Crownpeak Digital Experience Layer - The Five Fundamental Patterns
    Digital experience architectures distilled down into five unique patterns by our experts, so you can compare your business problems directly against other examples, to quick-start design choices, and produce consistent, reusable and cost-efficient digital experiences.

  • DXM Implementation Process
    Explains our entire implementation process based to our decoupled architecture, from procurement of CMS, to design, then page creation and go live.

Other Resources for New Users

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  • Five Main Use Cases of CMS
    Learn about the five unique patterns we distilled from hundreds of different customer architectures and how they can benefit your organization.

  • Design and Approach Considerations
    Learn about the DXM architecture, the implementation process and considerations to keep in mind.

  • How to Implement a Template
    Learn how to build a template based on best practices and recommendations from our template developers.