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Finding and fix issues - Introduction


The Issues section shows all the checkpoints that Crownpeak DQM is monitoring for your website, and what issues have been found. You can view your issues in four different ways.


Priority issues

These checkpoints have been set as high priority by your website administrator. Tackling these errors first gives you the peace of mind that the most serious errors have been removed.


All issues

​This view shows you the complete list of issues that your website is being tested for.


Issues by topic

If you want to improve your website's performance for a particular topic, this is the place to look. This view allows you to see all the issues that affect essential compliance areas, including accessibility, usability and SEO.


Worst pages

This section shows the pages with the most issues on. By fixing these pages you can quickly reduce your overall issue count and website ranking.

Fixing Issues

Crownpeak DQM helps you to fix issues by showing you exactly where they occur on the page. To start fixing:

  • Select a checkpoint from the list in the left hand pane - this will bring up a list of all the pages that don't pass this checkpoint.
  • Selecting a page from the right hand pane, opens the Analyzer in a new browser tab or window.
  • The Analyzer shows you the actual web page with the issue. Down the left you will see a list of all the issues that Crownpeak DQM has found in the page.
  • Where possible, the Analyzer will highlight the issue within the web page for you. It will be shown in a yellow box with a red border. You can toggle between Browser view and Source view by clicking the links at the top of the preview pane.
  • To fix the error, simply open the page in your CMS or HTML editor and make the correction. You can see the full URL of the page you are testing at the top of the Analyzer page.
Broken Links

Broken links behave differently to other issues. Although you can still test to see whether you have correctly fixed a link by viewing it in the Analyzer, the error will remain listed in your Website Dashboard until your next scheduled scan.

Re-test the Page

Once you've fixed the issue, you can retest the page in Crownpeak DQM by reloading or refreshing the Analyzer window. Crownpeak DQM will perform a 'live test' on the page, and if the issue is fixed you will see this message:

"The file you have selected no longer breaks this checkpoint"

Crownpeak DQM will then remove that issue from your dashboard. You may have to refresh your page to see this.

Using Page Checker

Page Checker is our browser-based validation tool. It’s great for using while you create and publish new web pages. Using Page Checker helps you ensure that individual pages comply with your standards before and after they go live.

Find out about installing and using Page Checker.

Fix spelling mistakes

The spelling section of the platform allows users to view spelling mistakes detected by the platform based on the available dictionaries of the tool.

Find out more about Fixing Spelling Issues

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