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Crownpeak (Retired)

Feedback Guidelines

One of my goals as a moderator is to encourage the participation of customers, partners, and developers in this community so it can be an effective tool for every type of user. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and questions.  Please follow the guidelines listed below in addition to the community guidelines to understand the best way to deliver feedback so it can be acted upon to improve the community. 



  • Keep in mind that this is a public forum, do not share your or others personally identifiable information. 
  • This is a forum for constructive feedback that will impact the community at large.  If you have a specific complaint or an issue with the behavior of another community member that you would like to raise, please email 
  • Use the tags thoughtfully so that the moderators and other community members can easily find and benefit from your contributions. 
  • Interact with content posted by other community members with respect to the owner of the content and with respect to the forum. 


Your Crownpeak Community Moderator,

Marin Klostermeier

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