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FAQs - Why does Analytics Dashboard data not match Website Dashboard data?


Why does Analytics Dashboard data not match Website Dashboard data?


We would like to inform you that the Analytics dashboards show compiled data for all dashboards.

Over the past months we have been noticing issues such as long loading times, timeouts when loading data across the DQM application. Changes have been made to improve the performance of pages.

Instead of running the request to fetch the data needed to fill the tables every time the page is called, Our development team has updated this to fetch that data once a day (every 24 hours), so it is ready whenever either of these pages are called.

This has reduced the loading time of these pages dramatically.

The following pages update on a daily basis:

Analytics Dashboard - Group Progress
Analytics Dashboard - Group Leader board
Analytics Dashboard - Website Leader board
Analytics Dashboard - Benchmarking scores
Analytics Dashboard - Issues per checkpoint
Analytics Dashboard - Issues per website
Analytics Dashboard - Accessibility
Website Dashboard - Overview

This would mean that dashboard information may update ahead of the data available from the pages above.
The pages below should update after the scans run for the specific dashboard, this include:

Website Dashboard - Issues
Website Dashboard - Spelling
Website Dashboard - Inventory
Website Dashboard - Accessibility

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