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FAQs - Crownpeak DQM seems to be performing slowly

The Crownpeak Digital Quality Management platform has built in processes to check for performance issues.
Below are some checks that can be performed if you notice a slow down in the platforms performance:

  • Check a different website if it is also loading slowly - This is to ensure that the issue is not related to your internet connection
  • Wait 5 minutes and refresh the browser - There are occasions when services may need to be restarted such as when new releases are pushed out. Under normal circumstances restarts should not affect your platform experience, however certain actions may cause a slowdown in performance.

If a slowdown occurs for more than 10 minutes we would advice creating a support case so that the support team can look into the issue.
In order to investigate slowdowns in the Platform the following information is needed:

  • When did the slowdown occur (date and time, including the time zone)
  • How long did it take to load a page or perform an action
  • What page or URL was slow
  • What actions were you performing at the time
  • What browser is being used to access DQM
  • Where are you accessing the DQM platform from

Additionally any video or screenshots will further help in the investigation

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