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FAQs for DG

App Notice FAQ

1) Is App Notice an additional SDK that must be installed? 
Yes, this requires our SDK be installed and implemented. 

2) Is there a cost associated with it? 
This is a standalone product that is priced our by MAU(Monthly Active Users.) 

3) How many apps do you have it installed on and can you provide the names of some of them? 
Currently installed on around 20 apps with about that many in the process of release or implementation. 

4) Does your team support installation and QA with individual app developers/publishers? 
Everything for implementation is setup in Cocoa pods for IOS and Maven for Android. If they run into any issues we can have them work with our developers and QA. 

5) Is there a database where the record of consent is maintained and can it be queried? 
It is stored in a DB, we have a pipeline built and can pull raw data but need to work on reporting for it. 
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