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Ad Notice 2.0 FAQ: How can I use DCM's Pattern Match Ad Server Macro to Pass in the Creative Size?

How can I use DCM's Pattern Match Ad Server Macro to Pass in the Creative Size?

*NOTE*- DCM will only support 5 macro's within a call.  This includes macros that you may include in other tags besides your Evidon Enterprise tag.  Please note that the DCM size macro will only work in DCM event tags.   

In order to reduce the number of tags you have to generate for multiple ad sizes, Evidon Enterprise tags can accept Creative Size Ad Server Macros from your ad server. DCM doesn't support a Creative Size Ad Server Macro directly, but does support a Pattern Match Macro which can pull the information from the DCM ad tag itself. The DCM pattern match macro follows the format of %p<start key string>!<end character>. In the DCM ad tag, there should be a sz= value which specifies the creative size. For instance, a DCM Javascript tag would look something like: 

<SCRIPT language='JavaScript1.1' src="http://ad-region.doubleclick.net/adj/Nxxxx.site-keyname/Byyyyyyy;abr=!ie;sz=300x250;click=;ord=[time...

The pattern match macro for the creative size would then be: %psz=!; to use this macro, follow these steps: 

1. Generate the Evidon Enterprise tag for any creative size - which will look like:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://c.evidon.com/durly.js#;ad_w=300;ad_h=250;coid=xxx;nid=xxx"></script> 

2. Edit this tag to use the DCM Macro by simply replacing the creative size information (in our example, the "ad_w=300;ad_h=250" string) with the following "ad_wxh=%psz=!;".

The edited tag will then look like:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://c.evidon.com/durly.js#;ad_wxh=%psz=!;;coid=xxx;nid=xxx"></script> 

3. Insert the updated tag into DCM as you normally would. 


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