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Ad Notice 2.0 FAQ: Can I manually change the z-index of the notice?

Can I manually change the z-index of the notice?

Evidon Enterprise tags automatically detect the z-index of the creative/container and set our notice to display higher in the stack order.  There are times that our tag will detect the wrong z-index due to nuances in how the creative is rendered.  If our notice is being hidden by the creative you can manually set the z-index from your Evidon Enterprise tag in order to ensure the notice stack layer is higher than the creative’s.

To Manually Pass the Z-Index

1.    Get your Evidon Enterprise tag from the UI and set it up as you would normally.  The tag will look like:

            <script type="text/javascript" src="http://c.evidon.com/durly.js#;ad_w=300;ad_h=250;coid=xxx;nid=xxx"></script>

2.  Determine what the actual z-index of the creative so that you can set the notice to a higher layer.

3.  Pass in a new section to the code (the X’s represent the number are you using to define the z-index):

4.  Your edited code will look like:

            <script type="text/javascript" src="http://c.evidon.com/durly.js#;ad_w=300;ad_h=250;coid=xxx;nid=xxx;ad_z=XXXXXX;"></script>

5.   Implement your tag as normal.

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