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What happens when file is manually removed from server


What happens when file is manually removed from server


When a file is manually removed from the server a few things occur

  • The file is no longer accessible from the web using the url (i.e. www.example.com/test would no longer be accessible and would display a 404 error)
  • The CMS will still show the file published and will potentially "skip" on any subsequent republish attempts as the CMS does not know the file was manually removed
  •  If the file is deleted in the CMS after it is manually removed, it will generate an error indicating that the file does not exist on the server
    • To republish the file to server, either move the asset back to draft and republish, or branch the asset and publish the branch. Both of these will force the asset to republish

NOTE: It is best practice to only delete / unpublish files from the CMS and not modify them outside of the CMS

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