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WCO: Targeting Groups Tips & Tricks

Does WCO support AND and OR logical operations?
WCO automatically inserts an “AND” after every Targeting Rule.  This allows you to create target audiences that are as specific as your business requirements dictate.
In cases where you need to deliver the same content to different target audiences, WCO provides a number of techniques to facilitate this requirement

  1. Most WCO Targeting Rules support an [Is Contained In] and [Is Not Contained In] logical operations which allow you to define any number of values you would like to match against.   These values should be clearly delimited by a space, comma, or a pipe
      Demographic: Geo-Location:  State is contained in CA, NY, TX
      Form: Field Value:  JobTitle is contained in “Marketer”, “Project Manager”, “IT Developer”
  2. Certain Ambient attributes such as Browser and Device provide checkboxes to select from.  You may choose one or more checkboxes with an implied OR
      Ambient: Browser: Chrome, Safari, IE 
      Ambient: Device: iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  3. Behavioral attributes natively support OR operations due to the parent/child relationship between Snippets and their variants, as well as between Variants and embedded Conversion links., by selecting the parent snippet which will report on all embedded variant views (essentially an OR between the variants), or by selecting a variant which will report on all embedded conversion links (essentially an OR between the conversion links).
      Behavioral: Views:   all variants of a particular snippet (essentially an OR between the variants) 
      Behavioral: Conversions:  all conversions of a particular variant or snippet (essentially an OR between all the conversion links)
  4. WCO also allows you to repeat the same variant, as many times as you like within a snippet.  These identical variants can be associated with any Targeting Group, allowing you to deliver the same content to different target audiences.

How to pass custom parameters or values to a WCO Snippet for targeting purposes?
WCO recognizes any custom parameters included in the snippet’s Javascript call, and exposes these parameters for targeting purposes as Form Field values.  
This capability is extremely useful in instances where you need to pass user profile specific attributes to WCO in real-time, or asset specific parameters to the WCO snippet.  
Note: This data is not stored in WCO and will not impact your conversion counts.
For example, let’s say we need to pass the label or the page that is delivering the WCO snippet.  To add this custom real-time attribute to WCO, add the following code to your Output Template
<%= asset["wco_snippet"].Replace("\" ></script>", "?asset =” + asset.Label + “\" ></script>")%>
The code above will produce the following output
<script type="text/javascript" src="//snippet.omm.crownpeak.com/s/2c4764a1-b91d-4d37-9aeb-eaabecfa2fc2?asset=Homepage" ></script>
The custom attribute will now be targetable in WCO as a Form Field Value.

How to preview my optimized experiences in the CMS?
The CrownPeak CMS provides an intuitive interface directly within the authoring experience to preview your content variations for each of the Targeting Groups you’ve defined.
While previewing and/or editing an asset, the [Overview] panel, found in the right side Accordion includes a new [Profile] tab which lists all of the Targeting Groups used on the page.  Clicking on any Profile (which is the same as a Targeting Group), will result in re-rending the page in real-time reflecting what the targeted audience would see

How to test geo-location,  browser and device optimized experiences in a browser?
Besides testing and validating the content and web experience in Preview mode directly in the CMS, as described in previous tip, you can also test the experience post-publishing in your supported browsers, and devices.   You may also test the content and experience from various geographical locations.
To simulate visiting the site from different devices and browsers:
   Look for browser extensions that facilitate changing the browser’s User Agent to simulate different devices and browsers.     
To simulate visiting the site from geographical locations:
   Look for browser extensions that provide Proxy and VPN functions which will simulate visiting the site from different geographical locations.

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