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DXM Release Notes

May Product Release Video: Drag and Drop

In this demonstration, we are excited to show how Crownpeak’s new drag and drop experience empowers our customers to rapidly and intuitively create engaging digital experiences.

Traditionally, Digital experiences required writing complex code and using custom defined templates.    With Crownpeak’s Drag and Drop experience, components can be created and added to your Component Library as reusable content blocks, without using any Crownpeak API code, and intuitively dragged and dropped directly into your Digital Experience.

This video segment features Drag and Drop zones, one of the most powerful capabilities of the new Drag and Drop editing mode in Crownpeak, enabling governance and control of where components can be inserted into your digital experience, and by whom.

Components can be easily tagged and assigned to one or more drag and drop zones as dictated by your digital experience specifications.

With Crownpeak’s new Drag and Drop Experience, and more specifically Drag and Drop Zones, you can rest assured that your authors and editors will be empowered to quickly and easily create Engaging Digital Experiences that meet your business requirements.

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