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DXM Release Notes

DXM Release Notes - 30 October 2019

DXM Release Notes
Build 6684, 30 October 2019

DXM Improvements

  1. DeveloperCS assets can now be viewed using View Output. (OCD-15033)
  2. Error messages are displayed when saving bad code using Template. (OCD-15646) (CN-100407)
  3. Variant GUID is properly formed when reviewing the request payload after cloning a snippet within a WYSIWYG control with a WCO snippet. (OCD-16719)
  4. Users can select images when using VB Scripts. (OCD-16629) (CN-106050)
  5. WCO Forms can be inserted when editing assets. (OCD-16829) (CN-107995)
  6. WCO continues to authenticate and work after updating WCO credentials with known user and password. (OCD-16716)
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